The opening of K.u.K. Südbahn in 1864, enabled the development of Pörtschach to be a spa and bathing resort. It was built a lot and Pörtschach developed into the most fashionable spa in Austria. From the turn of the century to the first world war, the first great flowering of the Wörthersee was experienced.

The famous Wörthersee architecture of the architect Franz Baumgartner and his builder Anton Bulfon still characterize the inimitable charm of the lake grounds. During this time the foundation stone for today's Strandhotel Kärntnerhof was laid.

The following photo gallery will take us into the past time ...

Strandhotel Kärntnerhof s/w anno
Wassersport Strandhotel Kärntnerhof
vintage poster kärntnerhof
kärntnerhof lage anno
Ambiente Kärntnerhof anno
Kärntnerhof anno 2
kärntnerhof bungalow anno
steg kärntnerhof anno
strandhotel kärntnerhof anno 3